We are a group of 3 married couples with a passion for achieving the full potential of ourselves, our family and friends. We've realised that the correct attitude towards money and personal finance plays a crucial role in achieving this. We are therefore studying the wisdom of the world's most influential money-minds for insight into how to organise and plan your personal finances (irrespective of your level of affluence) in such a way as to pave your path to the future with certainty, peace and clarity.

None of us are financial planners or experts but we're all passionate about spreading the truth about sound financial principles, common money-myths, effective budgeting tools and simple steps towards reaching your financial goals - regardless of your current financial situation.

My Money Matters seminar will give you:

  • A revolutionised perspective towards money
  • True insights about debt
  • Simple steps towards reaching your financial goals
  • Effective budgeting principles and methods

You'll say goodbye to:

  • Money-fights
  • Worry, uncertainty, sleepless nights
  • Ignorance about debt and credit
  • Having a scarcity mentality
  • Not having financial goals
  • Not knowing how to reach your goals

We're not addressing:

  • Investment products
  • How to make money
  • Nkandla

Our Team:

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